3 Signs You're Ready for Hubspot's Ops Hub Pro

David Benson
Founder & COO
January 25, 2023

Ops Hub Pro is a fantastic tool that offers many useful features to improve your Hubspot RevOps activities. However, you may be unsure if you really need it now or whether it’s best to wait until you are further along in your revenue traction journey. In working with our customers to support their RevOps activities, we have identified 3 key signs that a company is ready to adopt Operations Hub Pro and start streamlining their revenue operations.

1) You have poor data hygiene.

Even with a user-friendly CRM like Hubspot, your data quality can start to degrade quickly if you don't have the right safeguards in place. The most common root causes of poor data hygiene are improperly formatted imports, misconfigured lead capture forms, and a lack of validation rules on properties. Oftentimes, despite a strong set of data hygiene processes in place, prospects and internal team members can submit incorrect information through simple user error, impacting the integrity of your data. Ops Hub can be used to deploy "always on" data cleaning automations, helping prevent data hygiene issues from snowballing.

Here are some of our favorite data cleaning automations we deploy when using Operations Hub Pro:

Cleaning Key Personalization Tokens:

Standardize Properties:

2) You have key business processes that can't be automated using Hubspot's other Pro Hub Tools.

Hubspot's standard workflows and Pro Hub tools, like lead rotation and calculated properties, provide most of the tools businesses need to perform their RevOps activities. However, your business may have a critical process that can't be automated using Hubspot's Standard workflows provided in its Marketing, Sales, or Service Pro tools. Operations Hub's Programmable Automation can support and automate the complex logic your business requires when you feel you've "hit a wall" using standard workflows.

You may be a good candidate for Ops Hub if any of your teams have these needs:

Marketing Use Cases for Ops Hub

Sales Use Cases for Ops Hub

Customer Success Use Cases for Ops Hub

3) You need to integrate Hubspot with other complex systems.

Building an effective RevOps strategy for your business means integrating your systems into an integrated revenue architecture. Tactically, this means you need to pass data between different platforms in real time, often based on complex business logic. Operations Hub Pro is an extremely effective tool to ensure all systems are talking to each other, preventing friction from functional silos.

Out of the box integrations with Data sync.

Build your own integrations with minimal infrastructure.

If you need to integrate a platform that doesn't currently have a Data sync or 3rd party integration, you can build your own integration using Ops Hub’s Scheduled Workflows, Custom Code actions, and WebHooks tools. 

If you're interested in learning more about how Ops Hub could help your business scale its revenue activities, please feel free to contact us. Traction AI is a certified Hubspot partner that provides RevOps-as-a-Service to help companies grow faster, more efficiently, and with less execution risk.

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