Customer Success Suite

Streamline your client’s renewal management and empower more productive upselling and cross-selling.

Customer Success Suite

Our customer success services streamline your client’s renewal management and empower them to upsell and cross sell more productively

Traction AI’s Customer Success Suite gives you:




Setup & Implementation

Configuration & integration

Setup and configuration of best demonstrated practices for CRM system.

CRM Setup includes:
• Activity tracking and logging (phone calls, emails, meetings).
• Custom fields/properties setup
• Default "views" defined and deployed.
• Automate key workflows and activities (e.g. renewal automation, onboarding ticket creation etc.)
• Integrate tasks and notifications with preferred systems (e.g. email, slack, etc.)

Process & Systems Training

Renewal Process, Systems, and Dashboards Training

Training for Executive Leadership, Functional Area lead, and Team members on renewal process and how to use each system to enable these processes. Traction AI dashboards will also be included within this training.

Data Hygiene

Expired and Inactive Deal Identification & Reporting

Notify team of renewals and expansion deals with out of date/incomplete information. Used to ensure that the pipeline represented in CRM can be leveraged for forecasting exercises.

Data Hygiene

Data cleaning and freshness management

Ensure all renewals have up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive data on key deal points (contract terms, associated decision makers, products, line item discounts, etc.)

Ideal Customer Profiling

Best-Fit Customer analysis

Use historical revenue data and customer demographics to identify the “best fit” customers that currently exist within the CRM. Used to prioritize current upsell/cross-sell efforts and to inform future Target Account strategies.

Ideal Customer Profiling

Target Account management.

Automatically “Tag” and track newly added companies with ICP profiles based on demographic and engagement data (e.g. Industry, Size, location). Manage and update ICP over time based on new learnings.

Onboarding Process

Onboarding Stages and Requirements

Define onboarding stages, progression requirements by stage, & custom related fields required to capture critical information during customer onboarding process.

Onboarding Process

Process Measurement

Measure time to onboard customers and identify any points of friction within the process that delay customers’ ability to get to value against targeted milestones and timeframes.

Onboarding Process

Onboarding Playbook management

Manage playbook of key messaging templates and information used during the onboarding process. Manage updates and improvements to the playbook to further streamline the experience of new customers.

Retention Analytics

Performance to Target & Win Rate Tracking.

Measure and report on Renewal win rate and won revenue performance vs renewal target.

Upsell/Cross-Sell Reporting

Upsell/Cross-Sell Analytics

Report on current upsells/cross-sells in pipeline. Measure days to close by product, win rates by product/deal stage etc.

Upsell/Cross-Sell Reporting

Expansion Analytics

Measure and report on rate of revenue expansion among current customers, expansion ASP, best-fit products for expansion, and days between initial sale/renewal and upsells.

Renewal Management

Renewal Automation

Streamline creation of renewals to ensure they are included in the sales pipeline and managed by the relevant team members.

Renewal Management

Renewal Planning

Deploy alerts at key date milestones to facilitate renewal process and reduce execution risk. Report on upcoming renewals, outstanding associated tasks, and performance to targets.


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