Financial Operations Suite

Operationalize your subscription billing and uplevel your revenue reporting.

Finance Operations Suite

Our finance operations services streamline your subscription billing and uplevel your revenue reporting.

Traction AI’s Financial Operations Suite gives you:




Subscription Management

Configuration & integration

Setup and configuration of best demonstrated practices Subscription Order Management.

Subscription Order Management Setup Includes:

• Integrations with CRM, CPQ, GL, e-Payments and sales tax integrations platforms.

• Create and deploy custom fields.

• Define product catalog.

• Setup default subscription types and invoice schedules.

Order Management

Billing account maintenance

Ongoing updates of key billing data (account legal name, account segment, parent, billing contact, billing address, etc.).

Order Management

Product catalog maintenance

Keep product catalog updated with latest product names, default pricing, descriptions, product families, etc.

Order Management

Subscription management

Manage new, renewal (flat, upgrades, downgrades) and cancellation subscription changes consistent with product

catalog and contract terms.


Recognition & Reporting

Deferred revenue management


Produce revenue recognition schedules.


Recognition & Reporting

Milestone triggered and consumption based revenue


Recognize non-recurring revenue based on performance criteria (onboarding milestone, professional services deliverable, usage or consumption).


Recognition & Reporting

GAAP revenue recognition & deferred revenue


Produce recognizable revenue, invoice total and deferred revenue/unbilled AR balance by contract for specified period for monthly close.


Performance Analytics

Subscription momentum (ARR /


Report contracted recurring revenue.


Performance Analytics

Customer retention reporting

Weekly updates to logo churn, net and gross churn average subscription term statistics.


Performance Analytics

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) &

Customer Lifetime

Value (CLTV)

Integrate selling cost, selling price gross margin and average subscription term.


Performance Analytics

Cash application projections

Weekly update of actual and future cash based on current contracts and subscription.

Subscription Billing

Invoice schedule creation

Produce invoices based on contract terms, product catalog, billing account, etc.

Subscription Billing

E-invoice distribution

Schedule and e-invoice based on contract terms.

Subscription Billing

Collections, dunning & AR aging


Reminder emails and calls to support timely collections. Weekly AR summary reporting.

Subscription Billing

Record payments and sync to GL and

cash position

Apply ACH and deposit to invoice and G/L.


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