Marketing Suite

Accelerate lead generation & nurture current leads more effectively.

Marketing Suite

Our marketing services help your clients scale and manage their lead generation activities in addition to helping them nurture and engage leads more effectively.

Traction AI’s Marketing Suite gives you:




Setup and Implementation

Map Configuration & Implementation

Setup and configuration of best demonstrated practices for a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) system.

MAP Setup Includes:

• Establish workflows based on predefined criteria to track lead status and maturation (e.g. facilitate MQL to SQL conversions, lead assignment rules etc.).

• Define key marketing channels, integrate relevant digital channels into MAP & CRM.

• Integrate website tracking for digital lead attribution.

• Develop and deploy lead capture forms and landing pages.

• Create key marketing templates for email, landing pages.

Campaign Management

Campaign Planning

Support Marketing team members in scheduling and targeting content to ensure seamless, effective, and coordinated campaign execution.

Campaign Management

Content Optimization and A/B Testing

Configure A/B Testing for campaign content (emails, landing pages, progressive lead forms etc.) to inform what content strategies result in higher performance and conversion rates. Support integrating these learnings into future marketing initiatives.

Campaign Management

Campaign Analytics

Analyze campaign effectiveness based on engagement generated, new leads sourced, lead quality, opportunities created from leads, and converted revenue.

Lead Attribution

Lead Capture & Attribution

Deploy and maintain lead capture mechanisms (Forms, Landing Pages, manual submission tools etc.), ensure good data is entered into CRM, and attribute leads to the correct marketing channels and campaigns.

Lead Attribution

Conversion Analytics

Analyze and benchmark marketing channels and campaigns based on number of leads, lead quality, lead conversion, and converted revenue.

Lead Management

Define Buyer Personas

Define criteria for ideal buyer profile with support from company's sales & marketing departments. Implement Personas in MAP and CRM systems.

Lead Management

Lead Scoring

Develop and maintain lead scoring methodology using various behavior, demographic, and Persona attributes (BANT, etc.)

Lead Management

Lead Segmentation

Determine and maintain appropriate lead segmentation strategy for the company based on geographic, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic criteria.

Enables detailed targeting of ongoing marketing efforts, such as newsletters and lead nurture drip campaigns, as well as episodic marketing campaigns.

Lead Management

Lead Assignment

Set up and maintain lead assignment rules for sales team members based on company directed criteria. Examples include assignment by region, industry, Buyer Persona, or custom behavioral attributes.

Lead Management

Contact Lifecycle Management

Define and deploy automation rules that govern how contacts "progress" through the marketing funnel and when they reach "sales readiness". Lifecycle management determines when leads require additional nurturing from marketing and when they are ready to be assigned to the sales team.

Data Hygiene

Contact Hygiene

Ensure Key Contact properties are filled, updated, and accurate. (e.g. Buyer Personas applied, Buying Role added, etc.). Periodically clean and archive Unqualified contacts.

Data Hygiene

Contact List Freshness Management

Maintain up-to-date, accurate contact lists to facilitate targeted audience messaging for all marketing efforts, resulting in higher engagement.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing Framework

Design, launch, and maintain a comprehensive lead nurturing framework delivering "drip campaigns" of ongoing messaging and materials. Messaging cadence and type of content changeable based on lead behavior (e.g. engaging with a specific type of content, no engagement over several months, etc.).

Lead Nurturing

Content Management

Manage and update Nurture streams with latest, most relevant/engaging content from the marketing team.


Marketing Process, Systems, and Dashboards Training

Training for Executive Leadership, Functional Area lead, and Team members on Marketing process and how to use each system to enable these processes. Traction AI dashboards will also be included within this training. Ongoing training for new hires and learning reinforcement also included.

ROI Reporting

Campaign ROI

Integrate campaign marketing costs to enable ROI analysis on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

(NOTE: Requires subscription to Traction AI's Finance Operations Package)

ROI Reporting

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) &
Customer Lifetime
Value (CLTV) Analytics

Integrate selling cost, selling price gross margin and average subscription term into comprehensive marketing ROI analysis.

(NOTE: Requires subscription to Traction AI's Finance Operations Package)


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