Sales Suite

Grow sales pipeline and forecast revenue more predictably and accurately.

Sales Suite

Our sales services enable your clients to manage and grow their pipeline more effectively as well as forecast more predictably and accurately.

Traction AI’s Sales Suite gives you:




Setup and Implementation

CRM Configuration & Integration

Setup and configuration of best demonstrated practices for CRM system.

CRM Setup includes:
• Activity tracking and logging (phone calls, emails, meetings).
• Custom fields/properties setup
• Default "views" defined and deployed.
• Automate key workflows and activities (e.g. lead assignment, form submissions etc.)
• Integrate tasks and notifications with preferred systems (e.g. email, slack, etc.)

Setup and Implementation

CPQ Configuration & Integration

Setup and configuration of best demonstrated practices for CPQ system.

Setup includes:
• Core Proposal, SOW and MSA templates deployed.
• Approval process codified and implemented.
• Integrate with CRM system to ensure documents reflect accurate deal points and executed contracts are correctly associated with relevant deal records.

Prospect Management

Lead assignment Rules and Status Tracking

Define and deploy assignment rules to distribute MQLs to the sales team. Automate the "lead status" stages in the platform to ensure that activity can be tracked.

Prospect Management

Prospect Outreach analytics

Analyze current status of all managed contacts by sales rep. Quantify the number of "touches" required to progress a contact being worked by the sales team.

Prospect Management

Sales Prospecting activity analytics

Measure the amount of sales team activity with prospects – by rep and by prospect lead status stage.

Deal Management

Sales Pipeline Stages and Requirements

Define deal stages, deal progression requirements by stage, & custom related fields required to capture critical information as opportunities mature.

Deal Management

Pipeline Analytics & Reporting

Analytics on current qualified pipeline, days to close results by product, win rates by product/deal stage.

Data Hygiene

Expired and Inactive Deal Identification & Reporting

Notify team of deals with out of date/incomplete information, or those that fail to meet engagement criteria to be considered "qualified pipeline". Used to ensure that the pipeline represented in CRM can be leveraged for forecasting exercises.

Data Hygiene

Data cleaning and freshness management

Ensure all deals have up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive data on key deal points (contract terms, associated decision makers, products, line item discounts, etc.)

Sales Forecasting

Forecast Categories Setup and Automation

Define forecast categories and automate deals "progressing" between categories based on deal stage criteria.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecast Analytics

Analytics on current Sales Forecast, win rates by category, and forecast makeup (e.g. New Business vs Renewals etc.)

Price Quote Management

Contract Approval

Define/maintain quote and contract approval routing process and integrate into systems.

Price Quote Management

Contract Template Management

Enable and keep up to date Master Services Agreement (MSA), Statement of Work (SOW) professional services and other contract templates (NDAs etc)

Price Quote Management

Contract Inventory

Inventory and digitize organization's active MSAs and SOWs and ensure they are associated with relevant CRM records

Product Catalog

Product Catalog Deployment

Deploy initial product catalog, standard price points, and product descriptions. Synchronize product catalog across all other Revenue Architecture systems.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog Maintenance

Update and withdraw products, descriptions

Product Catalog

Product Catalog Strategy

Ongoing review of product price points, bundlings, and discount strategies employed that are associated with the highest win rates of deals.

Process & Systems Training

Sales Process, Systems, and Dashboards Training

Training for Executive Leadership, Functional Area lead, and Team members on Sales process and how to use each system to enable these processes. Traction AI dashboards will also be included within this training.


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