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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Who is Traction AI?

Traction AI - Outsourced RevOps-as-a-Service with C-suite expertise. We help entrepreneurs achieve revenue traction faster, more cost effectively and with lower execution risk.

What does Traction AI do?

Traction AI provides industry-leading business expertise, comprehensive sales and marketing analytics, real-time reporting, and ongoing consultative services to help growth companies accelerate revenue traction with lower execution risk.

What products and services does Traction AI offer?

Traction AI offers a fully integrated software and services solution, leveraging best-in-class business applications and providing annual subscription offerings to support your clients’ revenue operations (RevOps). We offer dedicated suite services subscriptions to support your client’s RevOps needs across their marketing, sales and customer success functions.

They include:

  • Marketing Suite Services Subscription - Our marketing services help your clients scale and manage their lead generation activities in addition to helping them nurture and engage leads more effectively.

  • Sales Suite Services Subscription - Our sales services enable your clients to manage and grow their pipeline more effectively as well as forecast more predictably and accurately.

  • Customer Success Services Subscription - Our customer success services streamline your client’s renewal management and empower them to upsell and cross sell more productively.  

  • Finance Operations Services Subscription - Our finance operations services streamline your subscription billing and your revenue recognition reporting.

What tools does Traction AI support?

Traction AI is certified and has demonstrated systems administration technical proficiency, leveraging best-in-class business applications (i.e., Hubspot, SaaSOptics, Avalara, etc.) on behalf of its clients.

To power its interactive Tableau dashboards, Traction AI uses the public APIs of client’s CRM, MAP, and Subscription Order Management applications. We also leverage native integrations where applicable and available.

We also leverage native integrations to connect RevOps systems and associated tools (e.g. AvaTax & SaaSOptics, Hubspot & Quickbooks) to create a robust and complete revenue architecture solution for our customers.

Who is a good fit for Traction AI’s Rev Ops Services?

Traction AI is a good fit for B2B growth companies with small and growing in-house sales and/or marketing teams who have made the investment in Marketing Automation and CRM applications.

We most often work with Series A – Series C size companies focused on driving reliable and predictable revenue growth.

How long is Traction AI’s implementation?

On average, our project implementation requires ~30 days, depending on client availability and support, as well as the state of the data model and the scope and complexity of design, set-up and configuration.

What is Traction AI’s competitive advantage?

Unlike other RevOps platforms (i.e.,Gong, Clari, etc.) that solely integrate and visualize data across marketing automation and CRM business applications, Traction AI provides industry-leading business expertise, comprehensive sales and marketing analytics, real-time reporting, and ongoing consultative services to help companies accelerate revenue traction with lower execution risk.

Traction AI believes that Software-as-a-Service is more about the service than the software. Our solution is comprehensive - we integrate platforms, process, people and performance measurement.

Traction AI is a great solution for growth entrepreneurs who struggle answering these questions:

Sales Forecasting - Do you routinely struggle to produce reliable, predictable and accurate sales forecasts? Are you and your management team often surprised with sales forecast misses? Do you understand your pipeline requirements and required close rates to achieve your targets?

Sales Pipeline - Do you understand the size of your early, mid and late stage pipeline? Is it accurate and reliable? Do you understand your deal size, velocity and conversion rates?

Customer Success - Do you have an effective customer renewal process? Is your company successful in retaining and upselling/cross-selling clients? Do you measure your logo retention? Do you track gross and net revenue retention?

Marketing Performance - Do you understand which marketing channels yield your best ROI? Do you know which industries / prospect types yield your best/worst opportunities? Can you easily identify their best/worst performing campaigns?

How to contact Traction AI?

To connect with Traction AI, please reach out to:

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